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DTube - The DECENTRALIZED future equivalent of YouTube?

DTube, like YouTube, is a video sharing platform. It was launched back in 2017 by Adrien Marie and is still one of the most popular alternatives to YouTube. There have been a few throughout YouTubes reign as the most popular video platform, so what’s so special about DTube?

To the untrained eye, DTube might seem like another YouTube clone. But beneath it’s YouTube-like façade lies something completely different.  It’s all in the “D” before the “Tube”, which stands for “decentralized”. DTube is a decentralized video sharing platform. DTube is a DApp (decentralized app) that runs on the Avalon blockchain.

Everyone can earn rewards

Originally, DTube ran on the Steem blockchain, but later developed their own unique blockchain called Avalon. DTube also has its own coin. You guessed it – the DTube Coin (DTC). The coin is produced and distributed by the Avalon blockchain, which ensures that all the contributions in the DTube community get rewarded.

Users earn DTC for their contributions to the community. But there are coins to be earned for not only posting videos, but for voting. Voting power allows users to earn more DTC by curating the content on DTube, sharing, commenting, liking and so on. Everyone can earn rewards by either posting, curating the content, up- or down-voting etc.

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What does it do differently?

YouTube’s immense and ever growing base of videos are all stored in Google’s data center and YouTube is owned by Google. The videos on DTube are stored in a decentralized file system (IPFS) among the peers of the blockchain network and unlike YouTube is completely self-governed. That makes sure that the videos are always immune against censorship. If a node in the blockchain fails, the video file will simply flow onto the one and so on. DTube has all the benefits of a blockchain to play with.

There’s also no recommended videos by the platform itself, like there are on YouTube. The community itself decides what’s likely to be relevant and interesting for a user to spend time on. Popular videos gain traction by users upvoting it, like on other social media platforms, but there are no unfair starting points like monetized promoting allow on other platforms.

Once content gets uploaded, it cannot be deleted. On a blockchain, data cannot be tempered after its onboard the chain. Users therefore have to be confident in what they are going to show the world.

YouTube and other mainstream social media platforms are often criticized for their lack of trustworthiness amongst users for their inconsistent transparency, censorship and monetization policies. 

DTube’s mission is to offer solutions to these issues with common social media platforms: censorship, demonetization, invasion of privacy, data collecting and unfair revenue sharing.

No ads? Where does the money come from?

Another big thing that speaks for DTube is the fact that there are no ads. The revenue generated by ads in mainstream social media platforms is compensated by the revenue from each video going to the elected community leaders and developers on DTube.

Perhaps the main difference between common social media platforms and DTube lies in its economic model as a whole. In mainstream social media platforms, content creators, be it videos, pictures, games or whatever, usually earn less than 50% of the platform’s total revenue. The majority goes to the private companies and advertisers.

On DTube on the other hand – approximately 90% of the revenue goes straight to the community content creators and aforementioned curators of the content, leaving only 10% to the commission responsible for running, maintaining and developing the chain.

DTube is still young and there are always problems with early technology. Granted, it’s selection of videos is not nearly as vibrant and comprehensive as YouTube’s yet. There might yet be no worldwide famous DTubers, Dstagrammers or Dweeters. 

As day by day blockchain technology is gaining traction and getting bigger and more relevant – DTube is here to stay and play it’s part in revolutionizing the way the social media industry works. 

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