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What Does the Future Hold for Cryptocurrency?

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Will Bitcoin’s volatility ever flatten? We believe it will

Bitcoin has had a rollercoaster year thus far. By March, the crypto asset prices had doubled compared to those at the start of 2021; and by July had fallen down to the end of 2020 levels once again. Bitcoin is yet to achieve stability and it is still difficult to say whether the Bitcoin pricing model is actually going to work in the long run.

The Robin Hood Crypto Effect

As the time passes, cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, are becoming more and more accessible for all the people, not just the super rich and highly educated crypto and investing fanatics. In fact, cryptocurrencies are actually leading us to a better, less unequal economy. How, you might ask? Read more…

Should you be worried about Bitcoin’s deflation?

One of the main features of Bitcoin is that only a previously fixed number of coins will come into existence. There will not and can’t ever be more than 21 million Bitcoins. This makes Bitcoin a deflationary currency by definition.

Bitcoin Value in the Near Future – 7 Predictions

There’s a story, well, a modern fairy tale of sorts, about a man who felt like having pizza for dinner in May 2010. To buy the two pizzas, the Florida developer used Bitcoin. 10,000 Bitcoin.

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