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SwipeX Product News – August 2020

SwipeX is aiming to be an ever-evolving platform making using, exchanging and storing cryptocurrencies as easy as possible. Every month we release some new updates and improvements to make using SwipeX user-friendly and safe. Keep reading to learn what’s new in August! 

1. Deposit using credit card and Paypal payments

The first and one of the most important of our this month’s news is a new EUR deposit method for customers to add funds to their SwipeX account using credit card or PayPal via Gifddo. 

How does it work? The customer starts by clicking “Add funds” and selects “Use Gifddo”. After entering the amount of euros to be added, the deposit transaction fee will be calculated and total deposit fee is displayed. After pressing “Continue and pay” button, the customer will be redirected to Gifddo where they can select a payment method. When the payment is successfully completed, the funds are added instantly and customer will be redirected back to SwipeX. 

2. EUR deposit reference is now customer-dedicated

SwipeX also has updated its EUR deposit method via bank wire. The dedicated payment reference number is now being generated for each usenot per deposit order as before. 

The main benefits of this update: 

  • Makes it easier to match bank transactions with customer 
  • Easier for customers to add funds (EUR via bank wire) as there’s no need to initiate deposit orders from SwipeX portal first. Customers can now simply transfer euros using their dedicated payment reference number. SwipeX platform will match the unique payment reference to the customer and add the funds to the right account. 
  • Bank transactions are automatically matched to user by payment reference number and funds added to user’s euro account.

3. Replacing transaction confirmation password with 2FA

This is an improvement to customer user experience, making SwipeX more convenient to use as our customers don’t need two passwords anymoreFrom now on, there is no need for additional password to confirm transactions in SwipeX portal. Transactions will be confirmed with 2FA code sent to customer’s email address, similar to login confirmations. 

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4. Possibility to change withdrawal bank account (IBAN)

The forth news is that our customers are now able to change their withdrawal bank account (IBAN) in SwipeX portal. When the new IBAN is inserted, it will be matched with the “List of banks”. IBANs belonging to blacklisted bank are not allowed. The new IBAN will also be locked for the first 48 hours, meaning that withdrawal can’t be made earlier than two days after the customer has changed their IBAN. 

Final thoughts

That’s all the product news and updates from us in this month. We really hope you enjoy these improvements. To always have the up to date knowledge about the important things happening on SwipeX and in the world of blockchains and cryptocurrencies, make sure you follow our blog.

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